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Meghan Markle Unleashes as Prince Harry Confesses: ‘I Want to End Everything with the Duchess’ in Candid Interview. Full story below



The year started on a high note for Prince Harry, with his memoir becoming the best-selling non-fiction book of all time. However, little did we know that this account of life inside and outside the royal family would deepen the divides between Harry and his royal relatives. The public was taken aback by the intim-te details Harry shared, from personal struggles to private conversations with the Queen. Critics lambasted him for airing the Royal Family’s dirty laundry and for what appeared to be his growing resentment towards his brother, Prince William

While the memoir enjoyed commercial success, it ignited tensions within the royal family over the couple’s pursuit of financial independence after stepping back from their royal duties. Meghan and Harry signed a $25 million deal with Spotify for the Archwell Audio podcast. However, this fairy tale quickly unraveled when they parted ways with the platform in June, leading to a fallout and even receiving a rebuke from Spotify’s top executive, Bill Simmons.

Their efforts to forge a new path outside the royal family have been met with constant scrutiny and criticism, with drama following them at every turn. One of the most shocking revelations of the year was the release of the book “Endgame,” which alleged comments about baby Archie’s skin color and who made those comments. This revelation caused a significant rift between the Sussexes and other members of the royal family, resulting in their exclusion from a high society wedding.

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