Why Taylor Swift’s Cat Benjamin Button Was the Ideal Feline to Join the Star on Her Time Cover

Ragdoll cat Benjamin Button appeared draped around Taylor Swift’s neck in the musician’s ‘Time’ 2023 Person of the Year photo shoot.

Benjamin Button, Taylor Swift’s ragdoll cat, is proving he is cover star material.

The feline appeared in one of three cover photos from Swift’s Time’s 2023 Person of the Year photo shoot. In the shot, the fluffy pet lies across his famous pet parent’s shoulders and stares at the camera with his bold, blue eyes. Swift, 33, appears in a long-sleeved black bodysuit and black tights.

After Time revealed the “Cruel Summer” singer as their 2023 Person of the Year, Swift shared her playful reaction to the news, posting the cover featuring Benjamin Button on Instagram with the caption: “Time Magazine: We’d like to name you Person of the Yea- / Me: Can I bring my cat.

While Benjamin Button accompanied Swift to the shoot, two other felines were absent: Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. Swift has three cats: Scottish Fold Meredith Grey, whom she adopted in 2011; Olivia Benson, who is also a Scottish Fold and joined the family in 2014; and Benjamin, whom she got in 2019 after meeting the pet on the set of her music video for “ME!”

In the clip, Swift holds Benjamin Button while she responds to some “rumors on the internet” about Meredith’s whereabouts. She divulges that Meredith “is just a really private little cat” who hates having her picture taken. The video includes several photos of Meredith looking startled or away from the camera as evidence of the feline’s disinterest in fame.

On the other hand, Benjamin Button comes from a breed beloved for their lack of boundaries. Ragdoll cats, like Benjamin, got their name from their laid-back attitude and penchant for going floppy in people’s arms.