Why Fans Think Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Will Spend Christmas in Kansas City

With Christmas just a week away, Taylor Swift fans are convinced the pop star and her NFL beau, Travis Kelce will spend Dec. 25 in Kansas City, Mo. And they have a couple of tidbits of “proof” to back up their theory.

For starters, Travis will already be in town because the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the Las Vegas Raiders at home.

“It will be a fun one,” he told People of the Christmas Day game, which kicks off at 1 p.m. ET.

Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce, has a game at 4:30 p.m. the same day in Philadelphia—so there won’t be a big Kelce party later on Dec. 25, either.

“My brother sent me a text and said he’s going to be celebrating afterwards,” the tight end told the publication, noting they’re planning on celebrating later.

I’m guessing Taylor got off in KC and the plane took her Dad to his home in Nashville,” one person commented. “And now it can bring him back to KC for Christmas, since Travis plays in KC on Christmas Day.”

Another Instagram user agreed, writing, “Her plane is going back to base. She will most likely spend the remainder of the holiday in KC.

Yet another person noted, “Nashville is her home base, her team is there, she has a hanger for the 2 jets, and her office is there. It makes sense her jet went there if she’s planning on staying awhile in KC.”

Whether or not Swift and Kelce spend Dec. 25 together in Kansas City, we hope they have a happy holiday season! What do you think?