Who is Travis Kelce’s mother Donna Kelce? What we know so far about NFL star’s mom. Very pathetic

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce are one of the most famous and renowned brother duo athletes in the history of the NFL. While Travis was drafted into the NFL in 2013, Jason got an early draft in 2011.

Even though the two have been playing for different teams, they have made themselves a huge name in this sport. Everyone knows who Travis and Jason are, and where they come from.

But do you know who Donna Kelce is? For starters, she is the parent of this famous brother duo of the NFL. But as famous as Travis and Jason are, not many know about Donna, till a basic context. We are going to change that today. In today’s article, we are going to dig deep into Donna Kelce’s background and learn about her in detail. Read more to know all about it.

Born in 1957, Donna Kelce is the mother of Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce who play for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. When Donna was 12 years old, her mother died, which led her family (father and brother) to shift from Cleveland to the suburbs. Soon her father remarried and Donna’s stepmother came into her life. Little did Donna know that would turn her life upside down.

According to People, Donna believes that it was her stepmother who helped her and her brother get the broken pieces of themselves together, after their mother’s death. During Episode 26 of the New Height Podcast, run by Travis and Jason Kelce, Donna mentioned the same when she said, “By the grace of God if we didn’t have [Mary] I don’t think we would have made it.

” Donna further explained that it was because of Mary that she was able to compete at the Junior Olympics and get herself a degree from Ohio University.

After she graduated from Ohio University, Donna spent a long 30 years of her career in the banking sector. Travis’s and Jason’s mother worked for a long time in Mastercard before she settled in a local bank in her hometown Cleveland. Soon she got married to Ed Kelce and gave birth to the two lovely sons who became one of the most famous brother duos in NFL history.