“When Jason hugged stoutland I knew he was most likely done” Ed Kelce Speaks About Son’s Retirement

It’s not always sunny in Philadelphia. Recent events surrounding a billion-dollar celebrity and her father have enraged a certain group of NFL fans.

Having spent a large part of her childhood in Philadelphia, the Swifts have been avowed Philadelphia Eagles fans. At least till Swift became linked with Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce.

And while the Eagles fans don’t have a problem with whom she dates, her switching allegiances hasn’t gone down well with them.

And now, as if Taylor wasn’t enough, Travis has managed to convert Papa Swift into a member of Chiefdom as well.

To add to the drama, Travis’ brother Jason Kelce plays for the Eagles. Ahead of the November 20 showdown between the Eagles and the Chiefs, the Eagles have taken a major hit to their fanbase.

Eagles fans were enraged when a picture surfaced online of Scott Swift sporting a Chiefs lanyard while hanging out with the younger Kelce in Argentina.

Fans had their say in the comments section of the MLFootball X account which had shared the picture. Now they are waiting for Jason Kelce’s take on the whole subject.

The New Heights podcast is going to be out in a few minutes and the team has already shared what’s in store on X.