“What a role model” – Patrick Mahomes crushing beers wearing $1860 Louis Vuitton sneakers divides opinion among NFL fans

Patrick Mahomes might have won the Super Bowl twice in his 20s, but that doesn’t exclude him from playing with the Devil’s Juice.A photo was recently taken of the quarterback at an NBA game, which he attended wearing his Louis Vuitton Trainer Sneakers worth $1860. Three Coors Light beer bottles sat next to him on the floor.

This led to a mixed discussion among NFL fans on X (formerly Twitter) about whether Mahomes should be indulging in such an activity. Some scoffed at the idea of this even being worth talking about, while others condemned the action, with one sarcastically writing.

Mahomes was with his wife Brittany to see the Dallas Mavericks fall 127-116 to the Toronto Raptors at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Patrick Mahomes can win Super Bowls and, more importantly to companies, he can sell products. He has been one of the most marketed players in sports over the last few years, having signed deals with Hugo Boss, T-Mobile, and Walmart.

Mahomes has made about $20 million from his endorsement deals.In addition to those three, the Chiefs superstar has had endorsements from Hunt’s Ketchup, Head and Shoulders, BioSteel Sports, Adidas, State Farm, Oakley and Subway. It seems that with every passing week, the quarterback only accrues more endorsements.