Watch: Unseen video of Taylor Swift screaming at Travis Kelce in a Chiefs game annoys fans

A recently surfaced video is making waves as Taylor Swift is caught screaming during the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins game in the NFL playoffs.

The pop sensation, led by her emotions, directed her scream at her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, causing a stir among fans in the stands. Some took to social media to express that they can’t stand her scream

Some turned around in surprise, making Taylor’s unexpected outburst a talking point during the crucial playoff match. Watch the moment when Taylor screams at Travis Kelce.

Amid the spectacle, Taylor Swift was spotted in the company of Brittany Mahomes and Donna Kelce, exuding joy and excitement throughout the game. The presence of the trio added a touch of glamour to the stands, with fans capturing the candid moments of their reactions and interactions during the intense playoff clash.

Taylor Swift’s selfless act in front of Travis Kelce’s mom
Post-game, Taylor Swift showcased her gracious side by demonstrating good sportsmanship. After the Chiefs secured victory, she took the initiative to clean up the area where she was seated, leaving no trash behind.

This gesture of responsibility and respect did not go unnoticed, earning Taylor praise for her considerate actions amidst the post-game celebrations.

The Chiefs’ triumph not only marked a significant step in their journey to the Super Bowl but also left fans buzzing about the unexpected excitement brought by Taylor Swift to the playoff experience.