WATCH: Taylor Swift has arrived at Buffalo Stadium for the Chiefs vs Bills game

Landing in her private jet around 4pm Swift was met on the tarmac by a cavalcade of SUVs, a sprinter van and a police escort. She was then soon pictured arriving at Highmark Stadium in a red hat and a white jacket for the game.

Captured stepping off her plane in these exclusive pictures obtained by she landed to the cheers of a huddle of fans lucky enough to meet her airside.

One girl clutched flowers in the Chief’s colors of red and yellow, another held up a bright pink welcome sign as they excitedly met their idol.

After a brief meet and greet in the icy Buffalo air Swift was whisked away, sirens flashing, as she sped to Highmark Stadium where she will join boyfriend Travis Kelce’s family to watch the biggest game of his season.

She landed shortly after Travis was pictured arriving at Highmark Stadium with his Chiefs team for the big game.