WATCH: Chiefs execute insane double flea flicker vs. Raiders

Andy Reid got deep in his bag of tricks to help the Kansas City Chiefs even the score of their Week 12 matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders. Just before halftime, Reid dialed up an insane double flea flicker to push the ball deep into Raiders territory.

Reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes first tossed the ball to Isiah Pacheco who lateraled to receiver Richie James. James pitched the ball back to Mahomes who immediately threw the ball downfield to Travis Kelce, who managed to get Kansas City inside Las Vegas’ 10-yard line.

Reid’s trickery paid off on this play, but if Kansas City has to resort to more tomfoolery to sustain its offense in this game, the Chiefs could be headed for another loss.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if Kansas City can maintain its momentum in the second half to earn the Chiefs their eighth win of the 2023 season.