Travis Kelce’s will be BAN for months Amid his Aggressive Statement to Game Officials

Patrick Mahomes’ anger at a call made against Kadarius Toney has left fans irritated, as the wide receiver appeared to be offside thus meaning that the officials were correct.

The action came late into the 20-17 defeat to the Buffalo Bills, their second loss in succession, when Toney scored following a memorable play by the Chiefs’ tight end, Travis Kelce, although it was quickly flagged and cancelled.

With the emotions clearly getting to his head, Mahomes had to be held back by his teammates and then threw three consecutive incomplete passes before he complained about the referee following the conclusion of the contest at the Arrowhead Stadium.

Fans are now frustrating with the recurring theme of Mahomes blaming officials whenever his team drops the ball, metaphorically and literally. They took to Twitter, now known as X, to voice their irritation with the 28-year-old.

One fan wrote, “He was crying cause the refs weren’t on his side”.

Whilst another said, “Goodness lord imagine the s**t diggs would go through is this happened to him … when mahomes does it its passion and he wants to win but diggs get a whole a** week of people saying hes a crybaby and wants out”.

A third commented, “Mahomes a fake tuff [tough] guy”.

And a fourth said, “*officials call a legitimate penalty on Kansas City* Pat Mahomes: WAHHHHHHHHH, REFS COST US THE GAME…. I don’t know, Pat. Maybe tell your receiver to line up correctly next time.