Travis Kelce’s leaked gift for Taylor Swift leaves Swifties enraged – “Let him live in peace”

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce surely knew that once his relationship with musician Taylor Swift went ‘official’, he would be under a microscope constantly.

‘Swifties’, as they are known (Swift fans), keep a close eye on what the pair do together. So, there have been some people who are unsure of their relationship and what Kelce’s intentions are (not that it’s any of their business).

A post from the New York Post on X (Twitter) showed that Kelce got himself and Swift matching basketball jerseys. This present hasn’t gone down well with Swifties.

For now, the Chiefs can bask in the glow of yet another division win, and Kelce can be rather ticked off that his potential surprise for his girlfriend might have just been ruined.