Travis Kelce reacts to Taylor Swift’s FIRST Visit to Brother Jason Kelce and his Wife

Taylor Swift was spotted go to the famous Electric Lady Studios in New York City on Tuesday night, adding fuel to the ever-rumbling speculation surrounding possible new music to come — or, given that re-recording project of her previous works, Nov old music by artists.

The 34-year-old wore a green sweater dress and dark brown Stella McCartney coat with high black boots during her visit to the legendary recording space used by artists such as Jimi Hendrix (who commissioned the studio in 1968), Rolling.

The Stones, David Bowie, Patti Smith, U2, etc. Swift recorded her albums herself a lover, Folkloreand At midnight in space, as well as its overwrites Fearless (Taylor Version), Red (Taylor Version), Speak Now (Taylor Version), and 1989 (Taylor Version).

Nor is it her first visit to the studio in recent months: she visited in September 2023and in december a few days before celebrating Christmas and New Year in Kansas City with a boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Only two of Swift’s previous albums have yet to be reissued as “The Taylor Version”: her self-titled debut in 2006 and 2017 Reputationher latest studio album with former label Big Machine and now a nemesis Braun scooter.

Release plans for both albums remain unknown, though you can bet the online fan community has some incredibly compelling theories that deserve attention, along with a graduate numerology job.

Go into that corner of TikTok and reddit at your own risk, but then be prepared to find yourself staring into the eyes and gesticulating wildly while explaining “The theory is 112 days» To your caring loved ones. Could it be that she is putting the finishing touches on the new one Taylor’s version release? (Even Swift’s wardrobe choices factor into fan speculation: Some think she moment of the shimmering green dress paired with the best Kelly Sperry‘s aqua blue at Sunday’s Golden Globes signals that a return to the era of her navy-hued debut is imminent, while others point to a recent wave of suiting and “going in darker directions, hinting at Reputation reboot.)

Or maybe it’s something else entirely: Could she have recently stellar choice of clothing means that the new album may be called Sagittarius by Swift’s zodiac sign, written in the stars? After all, it is birthday mini dress with moon and stars following handbag decorated with constellations friend’s Emma Stone‘s Poor things premiering a few days before can’t be a coincidence, can it? Maybe it could be, or maybe it’s all connected. In the expanded universe of Taylor Swift, anything is possible.