Travis Kelce continues his incredible year as he is ranked among the MOST Google-searched people in the world in 2023… but Taylor Swift is nowhere to be seen (and can you guess who tops the list at No. 1?)

Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce has continued his incredible rise in 2023 by being named the fifth most-searched person on Google this year.

Kelce was already a two-time Super Bowl winner by the time he met girlfriend Taylor Swift, but since the pair were first spotted together in September, his fame has sky-rocketed.

In the list of the most-searched names of 2023, Kelce trailed behind Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, actor Jeremy Renner, media personality Andrew Tate and French football sensation Kylian Mbappe, making him the third amongst athletes.

The ever-controversial Tate made headlines after he was locked up after releasing his single ‘Hustlers University’ and getting arrested for rape and human trafficking.

On the other hand, Kelce’s already massive fanbase and popularity grew even bigger after he started dating 12-time Grammy-winning pop star Taylor Swift.

When the pair first made their relationship public in September, Swifties joked about how Swift ‘put Kelce on the map’. And while the two-time Super Bowl winner was already a star in his own regard before Swift, the joke may have just gained more validation.

Swift’s cult-like following immediately became an instrument in bringing more eyes to Kelce, the Chiefs and the NFL. Swift also became a regular talking point on Kelce’s weekly ‘New Heights’ podcast with his brother Jason.

Averagebeing previously reported that Kelce gains an average of 124,090 new followers with Swift in his supporters’ section.