Travis Kelce Blasted By Patrick Mahomes’ Family Member After Dismal Chiefs Offense; Andy Reid Exposed By Philadelphia Eagles

The Kansas City Chiefs are trekking up the steepest hill in the second half of this NFL rodeo. They took a 21-17 beating from the Philadelphia Eagles, and it’s no secret that the red-and-gold squad is in a bit of a wide-receiver pickle. Marques Valdez-Scantling fumbled the golden ticket, a go-ahead touchdown in the final minute.

Travis Kelce snagged a four-yard bullet from Patrick Mahomes into the end zone for a sweet six-pointer. But he made a fumble, dropping a key pass just after that. Head honcho Andy Reid called the perfect game plays and made all the right decisions.

Yet, they are catching some flak from Mahomes’ flesh and blood. It’s a gridiron family feud, and the drama is spicier than a touchdown salsa dance.

Behind Patrick Mahomes, there’s not just one woman, but a whole squad of powerhouse ladies. From Brittany to supermom Randi Martin; it’s a Mahomes matriarchy.