Travis and Jason Kelce laud tough Tom Brady after watching clip of brutal hit on the legendary quarterback from 2001 when ‘football was football’… as they disagree over whether tackle would be allowed in the NFL now

Travis and Jason Kelce have heaped praise on tough Tom Brady after watching a clip of a savage hit on the legendary quarterback from over two decades ago ‘when football was football’.

A viewer sent in the clip from a game between Brady’s New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park from December 2001.

In it, Brady is running with the ball behind the line of scrimmage when Bills cornerback Nate Clements appears from nowhere and smashes into the hall of fame quarterback.

The ferocity of the hit completely flaws Brady and sends his helmet flying into the air but he doesn’t stay down and immediately gets back up to his feet for the next play.

Travis and Jason disagreed over whether or not that hit would be allowed in the NFL nowadays but did agree that it represented a more physical period in American football.

Watching the clip on their podcast, Travis reacted: ‘Oh yeah, helmet gone. Let’s f***ing go. That’s a hit ladies and gentleman.’

‘Of course, in Tom Brady fashion,’ he added before Jason interrupted ‘gets right back up. Not phased.’

‘That did not look like a mediocre Bills team,’ commented Travis. ‘They were downhill and flying around. That’s when football was football kids.’

But then the brothers disagreed on whether such a hit in today’s NFL would lead to a flag from the officials.

Jason insisted it would not and said: ‘I don’t know if this would be penalized now. He didn’t hit him in the head’, before Travis was quick to point out that Brady’s helmet flew off.

‘That’s because he hit him in the shoulder pads so hard that the shoulder pad popped his bonnet off,’ replied Jason.