“This is a F**king LeBron (James) Stat”: Jason & Travis Kelce Can’t Wrap Their Heads Around ‘Lions vs Waxing Gibbous’ Phase Stat

It’s usual for fans and followers to find fun in unexpected events in the world of the NFL. One such amusing instance unfolded recently on the ‘New Heights’ podcast, hosted by the Kelce brothers, Jason and Travis.

The Kelce brothers, in a recent podcast episode, stumbled upon a statistic that left them, and undoubtedly many others, in sheer amazement. It turns out that the Detroit Lions have a staggering 0-13 record when playing during the Waxing Gibbous phase of the moon on Thanksgiving.

Travis said, “A tweet went viral before the Lions/Packer game on Thanksgiving. It was revealed that since the AFL and NFL merger, the Lions are 0-12 on Thanksgiving when the moon is in a waxing gibbous phase. I don’t even know what I just said.” This exchange highlights how sports fans often connect seemingly unrelated realms to their favorite teams and games.

The Kelce brothers’ bemusement at the stat’s absurdity was evident when Travis referred to it as a “Fu*k*n* LeBron stat” is what it is,” alluding to the often complex and detailed statistics associated with NBA superstar LeBron James. Jason asked Travis if someone actually paid attention to it every day.

The brothers joke about the absurdity and ridiculousness of the stat, with Jason even making a joke about Jared Goff being the “first Saggitarius QB in the NFL to ever win a game.” However, it was just part of his strategy to “point out how ridiculous this moon thing is.”