‘They asked for it!’ – Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce show their angry sides in animated locker room speech

So fired up that a different and rarely seen side of the superstar NFL duo was seen.

Locker room footage displayed a highly emotional Mahomes following Kansas City’s tough 27-24 win in the AFC Divisional Round.

Mahomes had snowballs thrown at him by Bills fans, while one Chiefs player complained that Buffalo turned off the hot water in Kansas City’s locker room after the game.

The Chiefs, including star tight end Travis Kelce, closely gathered around the team’s field general.

“Hey, real quick. Real quick,” Mahomes said.

As the reigning MVP began to speak, the Chiefs quieted and turned their eyes to the superstar who had just reached his sixth consecutive AFC Championship

“They asked for it!” said Mahomes, referring to the Bills. “And they got what they asked for!”

Then Mahomes pointed back toward Kelce.

“He said it: This ain’t done,” Mahomes said. “We come back next week ready to go.”

Kelce chimed in with a quick follow up.

“And turn it up a notch!” the tight end screamed.

Next, Mahomes gathered the Chiefs together for a team breakdown.

Kansas City had done its job in Buffalo, weathering a freezing stadium and countless snowballs to end the Bills’ season.

Lamar Jackson and the No. 1 seed Ravens were up next in Baltimore.

“1-2-3, Chiefs!” Mahomes said.