Taylor Swift’s ‘heart is still with her girls’ amid Travis Kelce romance

Taylor Swift enjoys quality time with her close-knit group of girl friends, according to a body language analysis after her recent night out in New York.

Renowned expert Judi James told The Mirror that Swift’s girls’ nights are an important part of her brand that shows putting women first.

While dining with Selena Gomez, Zoe Kravitz, Cara Delevingne and Anya Taylor-Joy at a Brooklyn pizzeria, James saw evidence of Swift’s “Queen Bee behavior” that displays her loyalty and fun personality within the group.

James stated: “Women are often accused of dropping their girlfriends when they’re dating a new guy but Taylor’s behaviour as head of her posse suggests she puts her girls first, no matter what. This in turn creates a strong message of continuity to her Swifties, who can seem themselves as an extended part of that posse.”

Even amid dating rumors with NFL star Travis Kelce this week, the expert observed Swift still has her heart with her female friends.

She continued, “Whatever Taylor’s thoughts might be about Kelce, her heart is still with her girls. She also looks protective of them, rather than using them as a method of support.”

“She’s the one throwing a wing over women like Sophie Turner when she split from Joe Jonas and her body language with her girls tends to look confident and strong.”

James also pointed out the subtle clues in the women’s body language as they exit venues, such as straight faces and eyes down, implying they secretly enjoy lighthearted fun within their private circle.

“These girls have dated so many guys on the same circuit that the suggestion they privately exchange notes could intimidate some of their exes.”

Interestingly, the celebrated stars wear varied styles from prim to edgy, signaling they are powerful individual women who don’t need matching fashion to demonstrate unity.

James concluded Swift leads her posse with confidence and strength centered around loyal sisterhood.