Taylor Swift Will Stay Friends With Brittany Mahomes ‘Even If Things’ Don’t ‘Work Out’ With Travis Kelce!😍

It’s been pretty cute getting to witness such a great friendship form between the Kansas City Chiefs WAGs, and it sounds like their “similar sense of humor” has done a lot of the heavy lifting! On Wednesday, an insider shared with Us Weekly:

“Taylor and Brittany have grown even closer over the past several months. They have a really genuine friendship and love hanging out at the games together and cheering on their men.”

Taylor, of course, is on top of the world with tight end Travis Kelce, while the 28-year-old is married to quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

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It sounds like the 34-year-old really just appreciates ALL her new friendships. A second source shared:

“Taylor is loving her newfound friendships with the other wives and girlfriends of Travis’ teammates. She appreciates that they know how to have fun just like she does and she loves cheering Travis and the Chiefs on alongside all of them.”

Specifically, the insider named Brittany, Lyndsay Bell, and Paige Buechele. But the first source says the bond with Brittany in particular is something special:
“Brittany loves that Taylor is dating Travis, and she’s so supportive of their relationship. They have a very similar sense of humor and are always cracking jokes and laughing.”

How awesome is that?? Gaining a lover AND a new BFF in one shot! But their friendship isn’t based JUST on being WAGs…

The insider noted the Love Story singer “didn’t become friends with [Brittany] just because she’s dating Travis,” adding that the friendship is there to stay — no matter what:
“Even if things didn’t work out between Taylor and Travis, Taylor feels like her friendship with Brittany would continue no matter what.”

Whoa!! Sorry, “if things didn’t work out between Taylor and Travis”? Why would anyone even say that right now! This isn’t because of what insiders said about the couple not going the distance, right??