Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Loved Ones ‘Have Never Seen Either Of Them So Happy

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are settling into something that could become really special.

Of course, the singing superstar and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end have been together for about half a year now. And they are showing NO signs of slowing down! Just ask insiders close to them — and their respective families — if you don’t believe us!

In fact, ET did just that for a story published on Thursday afternoon. One source confirmed to that outlet how the two 34-year-old stars are “closer than ever” right now with their love life firing on all cylinders:

“[They are] closer than ever before and everyone around them can see that they’re an amazing match.”


And that’s not all! Per that outlet, the insider also revealed how both the pop princess and the gridiron great believe “this is their time” to shine together in their romantic partnership:

“They love being together no matter what they’re doing and appreciate the little things in life. They try to lead as normal lives as possible as a couple and are enjoying the upswing and growth in their relationship. They believe that timing is everything and that this is their time.”

Love it! Timing really is everything!

It’s not just Taylor and Travis themselves who think this way, either. The source also said their families are shocked at how ecstatic the two lovebirds have been since linking up:

“Their families are both on board and everyone on Travis’ side loves Taylor and vice versa. It’s a supportive dynamic all around. Their loved ones have never seen either of them so happy and hope and believe that it will continue.”


This is a big deal, y’all!

The duo will both be in El Lay this coming weekend, too — but for different reasons. Travis is set to be there on Sunday afternoon for the Chiefs’ game against the Los Angeles Chargers. Meanwhile, Taylor will be in town for the Golden Globes on Sunday night. Once again, their professional lives link up! Sadly, though, it appears they will not be able to make it to each other’s public appearances due to timing issues. Ah, well!

Yet that’s small potatoes compared to the big stuff here — namely that everybody in their orbit sees BIG things ahead for the happy couple! What about U, Perezcious readers?! Do U think these two have what it takes to last for the long haul?? Sound OFF with your love life takes down in the comments (below)!