Taylor Swift to join Ryan Reynolds at Wrexham?! Pop sensation’s boyfriend and NFL star Travis Kelce links up with co-owner Rob McElhenney to talk football

Travis was particularly interested to learn about cup competitions, which allowed McElhenney to open up on his experiences with Wrexham since taking over.

“That’s a fascinating part of the sport. Some people really care a lot, other people don’t care at all. You have fanbases that are sort of torn,” he explained. “I do find it’s a win-win because if you advance and continue to win through the tournament people get excited and if you lose, nobody cares.

“And in fact, the NFC championship last year which we came to, we watched the Wrexham game in the parking lot with the tailgate before the game and we drew that game against a team that was three leagues higher than us.

“I’ve become so annoying with that – I’ve been correcting people on the word ‘soccer’ versus football. People just want to smack me.”