“Taylor Swift still hangs out with that loser” – Swifties outrage as Brittany Mahomes shares VIP box with singer, Papa Swift

Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift have made headlines for their budding friendship.The singer and fitness trainer have been seen hanging out together, sometimes away from the Kansas City Chiefs games. Swift has also debuted on Brittany’s Instagram, spending time with them socially and during games.

As the Chiefs beat the New England Patriots 27-17 on Sunday, Mahomes and Swift cheered from a suite at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts. Swift’s father, Scott, was also in attendance, seemingly enjoying a conversation with Mahomes and Swift.

Fans, however, were unhappy about Brittany Mahomes hanging out with Swift.

Many Swifties have come to dislike Brittany Mahomes, wondering why the Grammy winner would choose to hangout with the Chiefs QB’s wife.

On one end, fans admitted to tolerating Mahomes because Swift hung out with her. Frustrated, one fan wrote:

“i hate so many things about this fucking photo and the interactions happening at todays game, but shes so cute ughhhhhh, why does she ughhhhhhh.”

Others addressed a few speculations in the media, which said that Swift was apparently looking to stay away from Mahomes.