Taylor Swift Meets Buffalo Bills in Pregame Tunnel; Kansas City Chiefs VIDEO Going Viral

There are NFL fans who are a bit tired of seeing pop star Taylor Swift all over their Sunday afternoon TVs – though Ms. Swift herself has said she cares not about the objections of some “Dads, Brads and Chads.”

But do the Buffalo Bills players themselves object to sharing a stage – or, at least, an Arrowhead Stadium pregame tunnel – with the girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce?

The Bills and the “Swifties” would all get along just fine.

Judging by their video interaction with Swift when she sashayed by them on the way to a suite, cloaked of course in fashionable Chiefs red and black?

The iconic singer is in attendance at Sunday’s Chiefs vs. Bills game, and she is obviously used to being stared at and whispered about, as was pretty much the case when a handful of Bills players – including Dalton Kincaid, James Cook and Dawson Knox – caught a glimpse of her.

The Bills are leading the Chiefs, 14-0 as halftime approaches, so the Buffalo guys were clearly not phased by their brush with fame as these two big-shot rivals in the AFC continue to battle in a game televised on CBS .