Taylor Swift made her Eras Tour movie available to stream on her birthday – but fans aren’t happy at the price

It’s Taylor Swift’s birthday, and she got all her fans a present – only they’re not too pleased with the gift.

On 13 December, the “Fifteen” singer celebrated her 34th birthday with the release of the extended version of her Eras Tour film, with fans in the UK, the US and Canada now being able to rent Prime Video’s Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Extended Version) for 48 hours.

In the new edition, the Grammy winner can be seen performing three songs: “Wildest Dreams”, “The Archer” and “Long Live.” However, the three bonus tracks come with a steep price. Viewers in the US and Canada are required to pay $19.89, while UK fans will be charged £15.99.

Although the gesture was touted as an enjoyable addition to the already popular concert movie, some “Swifties” aren’t happy. Online users have expressed disappointment that the price only permits a two-day rental instead of being able to stream it for free with a Prime subscription or owning it for good.

One fan posted on X, formerly known as Twitter: “This is a mess. What was she thinking?”

Happy birthday Taylor Swift or whatever but girl I’m not giving you $20 for 48 hours of the movie I’m sorry GIVE US THE OPTION TO BUY,” another added.

“I throw money at Taylor Swift stuff so often but even I cannot justify $19.89 to rent the Eras Tour movie lol if it was to buy, I would already own it,” one X user agreed.

A third person added: “I’m sorry but almost $20 to RENT the film is way too much. I would be wanting to buy it for that price. @taylorswift13 you can’t keep raising the prices so it’s nice numbers for you because it’s not worth it for some of us.”