Taylor swift LOVE and happy to see her “ TAY “Sunday Game Day Outfit Delivers Clear ‘EVERMORE’ Vibes If You Ask Her?

If you ask Us Her, Travis Kelce is clearly in his Evermore era before Sunday Night Football.

Kelce, 34, arrived at Arrowhead Stadium early on Sunday, December 10, ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs home game against the Buffalo Bills. The NFL tight end, ever the fashion star, opted for a cozy, autumnal look for his game day ‘fit.

Kelce sported a cozy green-and-yellow, flannel-inspired corduroy jacket with a fuzzy collar. He completed his look with beige trousers, white sneakers and a green beanie atop his head.

The colors of Kelce’s outfit, not to mention the beanie’s aesthetic, seemingly match the vibe of Taylor Swift’s Evermore album. Sunday also marks one day before Evermore’s third anniversary. Swift, 33, dropped the record in the middle of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic — on December 11. (Swift has been dating Kelce since this summer.)

While Kelce has not confirmed his style goals for his pregame ensemble, he’s been known to dress to impress off the NFL gridiron.

Our game days are 16, 17 weeks, now 18 weeks out of the year. So it’s like we get, almost, anticipation for those big-time moments. It’s almost like it’s a red carpet every single week,” Kelce told Complex in September 2021. “I know in Kansas City, we have to be business casual [in] slacks. You can’t go full jeans and a T-shirt on an away game. Like, you have to actually dress business casual.”