Taylor Swift Executes Hall-of-Fame Worthy 10-Yard Dash Into Travis Kelce’s Arms

This weekend’s most-discussed stadium play didn’t involve a referee or any flags, and wasn’t even in an officially sanctioned NFL game, but it’s certainly under official review—from so many angles.

The world has been feasting on the instant replay of Taylor Swift’s 10ish-yard dash into Travis Kelce’s open arms for a big ol’ smoocheroo after her show in Buenos Aires, Argentina Saturday evening.

The two have been romantically linked since September, and an international trip and the most public of public displays of affection seem to point to that link being … substantial. The show was the second international date of Swift’s Eras Tour (it had originally been scheduled for Friday evening, but had to be postponed a day due to inclement weather).

The waiting paid off, as all eyes were not only on Swift’s performance, but her post-game demeanor as well. Consider it her version of an end-zone celebration, and an incredibly well-documented one at that. Swift’s Eras Tour runs more than three hours, during which Swift sings, dances, and rarely leaves the stage.

It’s an athletic feat in and of itself, so the fact that Swift was able to summon the energy for a full sprint into Kelce’s waiting arms (and mouth), in over-the-knee boots and a full sequined bodysuit (with coordinating spangled thigh garter, natch), is all the more impressive. Even those portapotties she bolted past were probably wowed.

Game tape, as Kansas City Chiefs tight end Kelce surely understands, is important. That’s why it’s good that we player-coaches out here have plenty of angles of that Saturday post-show kiss to reference.