Taylor Swift cuts short romantic retreat with boyfriend Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift is taking a brief pause from her week-long romantic retreat with boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Despite her initial plan to make the most of Eras Tours’ two-month break, Swift cut her romantic week short in Kansas City, and headed back home to New York City on Tuesday morning.

Photographs obtained by the Daily Mail showed the multi-Grammy-winner boarding her private plane, taking shade under multiple umbrellas.

A few hours later, her tinted SUV was photographed pulling up to her luxury Tribeca apartment, where she hasn’t returned to ever since finishing the South American leg of her record-breaking Eras Tour.

Instead, the Love Story songstress has been using her time off to shack up with her NFL beau in Kansas City, cheer him on from the stands during the Chiefs vs. Packers game, and even jet off to London for Beyoncé’s Renaissance film premiere.

It is unclear why Swift flew back to the Big Apple, though fans speculated that it probably had something to do with her recent nomination for Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

The nominees were announced on Monday, and included the likes of Barbie, Vladimir Putin, and King Charles III.

Hence, it’s likely that Swift had to be in New York in time for the announcement scheduled to be made on Wednesday.