Taylor Swift and the Great WAG Revival

Taylor Swift, in case you haven’t heard, is dating Travis Kelce. Which means America’s sweetheart is dating the NFL’s most eligible tight end. Have two hams ever hammed it up quite like these two?

In a matter of weeks, their fling has become a bustling micro-economy. Ticket and jersey sales exploded, as did broadcast viewership. Kelce gained more than a million followers on Instagram. Ketchup kingpin Heinz did what brands love to do and jumped at the chance to release a limited edition sauce inspired by the hubbub. It took less than a day for the NFL to turn footage of Swift enjoying the game into the kind of swelling Sunday Night Football advertisement normally used to showcase top players.

Swift is not alone, though. WAGs—or the wives and girlfriends of professional sportsmen—are enjoying something of a renaissance right now. They’re on TikTok. They’re in the stands and the news. Increasingly, it seems that behind every great player is a WAG keeping their career profitable and relevant.

The most pivotal play of the Traylor season so far actually happened at the after-party for the first game Swift attended in late September. There Swift did shots and swapped numbers with fellow WAG Brittany Mahomes, the wife of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

A week later Mahomes and Swift were spotted going out to dinner together with fellow WAGs and celebrity pals for what should be hereafter referred to as the WAG special: a $4,000 prix fixe dinner with a side of Aperol spritzes and cosmopolitans at classic New York City Italian restaurant Emilio’s Ballato. Blake Lively is rumored to have paid the tab.