SUITE LIFE NFL wife claims Patrick Mahomes pays to host family in Kansas City Chiefs suites and reveals how much they cost

Chanen Johnson, wife to New Orleans Saints tight end Juwan Johnson, revealed how much it is to get a suite at an NFL game and how much Kansas City Chiefs Star Patrick Mahomes spends.

Chanen shared a video on her social media detailing what the life of an NFL wife or girlfriend on a game day looks like and how pricy it can be.

She spoke out against a comment that implied the NFL players’ families get to attend the games for free and can watch in a designated room.

Chanen said that was a big misconception and that most wives or girlfriends team up together to split a suite.

“Do NFL teams give families rooms to watch games in? No!

I feel like this is a common misconception because a lot of the time you see families on TV, they’re catching a glimpse of them in a suite or where they are sitting at with their families.

“But it’s not free. Regular bad seats aren’t free, let alone suites.

“I will say the cheapest suite is maybe 18 to 20 thousand dollars, which honestly isn’t bad when you really think about it.

“It’s a lot of girls on teams I know that will get together and play like $1,000 and get a nice suite together,” Chanen said.

She went on to answer another fan question in the comments, who asked if Mahomes pays for his wife Brittany to go to every game, to which she responded, “Yes.”

NFL fans flooded TikTok with reactions to the Chanen’s post, with many in shock at how much it cost to get a suite.

One was in awe: “18-20k I GAGGED!!! That’s insane.”

Another expressed: “20k a game??? Is crazy!”