Simone Biles was spotted cheering for her husband Jonathan Owens on the sidelines at Lambeau Field on Sunday

Simone Biles received a special gift from a well-known Green Bay Packers fan when the Olympic gymnast attended Sunday’s game at Lambeau Field.

In a video shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Sunday Night Football on NBC, Biles, 26, was mingling with fans on the sidelines before the game when the sweet exchange occurred.

As she greeted Green Bay fans in the stands, Biles met the “Frozen Tundra Man,” a beloved and dedicated decades-long Packers fan named Jeff Kahlow, known for his eccentric outfits at games, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

What a pleasure to meet you,” Kahlow said in the video. “You are the greatest of all time. I had to make you something, okay?”

Kahlow, dressed in his extravagant “Frozen Cheese” hat in the stands, told Biles, “You are the GOAT,” as he handed the Olympian a foam hat made to look like a goat.

Biles exclaimed, “Oh my god!,” in disbelief of the generous gift, and tried on her new hat right away.

Kahlow came extra prepared for Sunday’s victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, and also gifted Biles a second foam hat in the likeness of her husband, Jonathan Owens, complete with his no. 34.

“We can’t let your husband out of the picture,” Kahlow told Biles as she posed for a photo holding the two hats.