Patriots player Myles Bryant reacts to Taylor Swift’s heated response to him pushing Travis Kelce

New England Patriots cornerback Myles Bryant understands Taylor Swift’s heated reaction to the moment he pushed her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, on the football field.

“It’s a high-stakes game. People get real into it, so it’s cool,” Bryant told People in an interview published Monday.

It’s cool she’s into it.”

Bryant, 25, shoved the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34, in the end zone, and while Kelce signaled for a referee to issue a pass interference penalty, ultimately no flag was thrown.

In response, Swift screamed “f–k” from her suite.

The “Cruel Summer” singer, 34, attended the NFL game with her dad, Scott Swift, and best friend Alana Haim.

The outing also served as a continued celebration of Swift’s recent birthday, as Scott was seen handing out pieces of cake to other guests sitting in a nearby box.

The game, which the Chiefs won, wasn’t all fun and games for the pop star because at one point she was featured on the jumbotron and received an onslaught of boos from the Gillette Stadium crowd.

At first, the “Cats” actress tried to laugh off the jeers but quickly modified her reaction and ignored the thousands of people chanting.

Swift previously has dismissed the criticism of her coverage at Kelce’s games, claiming she’s unaware of how much she’s featured.

I don’t know how they know what suite I’m in. There’s a camera, like, a half-mile away, and you don’t know where it is, and you have no idea when the camera is putting you in the broadcast, so I don’t know if I’m being shown 17 times or once,” she told Time magazine in her interview for Person of the Year.