Patrick Mahomes made Christmas wishes come true with heartwarming gesture to Chiefs fans in New England

Some things are bigger than football. As the holiday season approaches, Patrick Mahomes displayed his awareness of that fact, taking the time for a generous moment with Kansas City Chiefs fans even after a hardfought win over the New England Patriots.

Mahomes has a tradition of tossing his gloves and sweatbands to fans after games, but on the chilly December Sunday in Foxborough, he spent a little extra time with the traveling Chiefs fans, giving high fives and signing jerseys.

Many fans who attend games around the holidays often get the tickets as a present, so Mahomes put an extra bow on top of the special memory for some of those young fans.

This is nothing new for the two-time MVP and two-time Super Bowl champion. Mahomes has earned a place as one of the faces of the National Football League due to his generosity, charity work and incredible family with Brittany Mahomes just as much as it is due to his incredible feats on the gridiron.

It would have been easy for Mahomes to forget about the fans amid all the noise and media attention that has followed the Chiefs this season. Tight end Travis Kelce’s high profile relationship with Taylor Swift has drawn a media circus to every game, and Sunday’s 27-17 win was no exception.

Mahomes has not been exempt himself. The QB1 found himself apologizing this week for his explosion at the referees against the Buffalo Bills, which was a part of a season-long struggle with the pass catchers on the Chiefs, who have let Mahomes down repeatedly in big moments, and possibly cost Kansas City the home field advantage come playoff time.

And yet, despite all the distractions, Mahomes never lost sight of his responsibility to the fans, and his unique position to spread holiday cheer in a way that few others can.