Patrick Mahomes’ aunt blames Chiefs GM Brett Veach for her nephew’s struggles

Tinesha Mahomes, aunt of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes from his father’s side, blamed general manager Brett Veach for her nephew’s recent struggles on the field.

She said on the latest episode of her “2 Gems and a Mic” podcast that Veach had plenty of opportunities to equip the team with better wide receivers ahead of the 2023 NFL season.

This is on Veach,” Tinesha said. “He’s not on the field but he damn sure could have went and got some help. I think Stevie Wonder could have seen that this is a problem.

“Now, them same receivers is out there dropping balls left and right and Pat is out there looking a little crazy himself.”

Mahomes’ aunt is echoing what many Chiefs fans believe to be true, though the players, such as tight end Travis Kelce, refuse to point fingers.