Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce’s moms set to feature in life-size holograms in Kansas City

The mothers of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have garnered almost as much spotlight as their Super Bowl-winning sons. Patrick is Randi Mahomes’ elder son while Travis is Donna Kelce’s younger son. Both women have impacted the success of the Chiefs franchise and will be featured in Kansas City in a big way.

Both Randi and Donna will be honored with life-size holograms in the city’s historic Grand Hall. According to Kansas City’s Union Station’s Instagram post, the holograph will be on view at the Grand Hall from now until January 1.

The mother of Patrick Mahomes is also the mother of Jackson Mahomes, who has found himself embroiled in controversy over his upcoming sexual assault case. Randi Mahomes seemingly came to Jackson’s defense over the controversy on X last month.

Randi Mahomes was married to Patrick and Jackson’s father, former MLB pitcher

Patrick Mahomes II, until their divorce in 2006.Donna Kelce doesn’t have only one son in Travis playing in the league.

She has an older son, Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro center Jason Kelce, in his 13th season in the NFL. She was married to their dad, Ed Kelce, for two decades until their separation.In an interview on her son’s ‘New Heights’ podcast, Donna Kelce noted that she is still friends with their dad.

The mother of Travis and Jason was proud when her sons made history as the first brothers to face off in a Super Bowl last season. Since that game was dubbed the ‘Kelce Bowl’, Donna found herself in the spotlight.

NFL fans petitioned the league to have her do the coin toss to no avail. But one thing is certain, both Randi and Donna are mothers to three future Pro Football Hall of Fame players.