Ouch 🥶

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid felt the full wrath of -30-degree wind chills during their playoff win over the Miami Dolphins last weekend, so much so that his mustache hilariously froze into mini icicles on the sidelines.

Yet according to Travis Kelce, Reid wasn’t bothered by his viral new look one bit.

‘I heard my guy [Chiefs offensive lineman] Creed Humphrey told me a story today,’ Kelce said about Saturday’s game on the latest episode of his New Heights podcast.

He said Coach Reid came over to him after a drive and kinda motivated him to keep doing what we were doing.

‘And Creed looks at coach and is like: ‘’Coach, you got something on your mustache.’’

Kelce revealed that one Chiefs player wore two pairs of socks, spatted his ankles with tape and also put foot warmers on top of his feet, evidently leading to too much ‘pressure pushing down it.’

The player was then left with two massive blisters at the top of his feet.

‘Just looking at it, I was like, ‘Damn dude, that had to hurt the entire f****** game, did you not feel it?, Travis recalled.

He added that some other players wore latex gloves under football gloves – a move which he no longer does, he said, because it made the football glove slip.