ON CALL Cris Collinsworth set for NBC return with Patrick Mahomes lined up for primetime after SNF fans beg him to ‘come back

The former NFL wide receiver, 64, was absent from the commentary booth as the Baltimore Ravens beat the Los Angeles Chargers last weekend.

Collinsworth was replaced by Jason Garrett during the broadcast from SoFi Stadium.

Garrett received a mixed reception from viewers as he made his season-calling debut alongside Mike Tirico.

Former Cincinnati Bengals star Collinsworth was given the night off after working a game on Thanksgiving.

Tirico confirmed on-air that the veteran caller was “spending time with his family.”

Garrett was praised by some fans at home on social media for his football knowledge and “enthusiasm.”

But others begged for Collinsworth to “come back”, as the former Dallas Cowboys coach began to “pile on the cliches”.

One fan complained on X, formerly known as Twitter: “I had to mute the sound.”

While another said: “Come back Cris. All is forgiven.

Collinsworth is slated to return alongside Tirico for Sunday’s showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers.

Patrick Mahomes is looking to lead the defending Super Bowl champions to 9-3 and back-to-back wins.

Melissa Stark will provide insights from the sideline during the game from Lambeau Field.

Collinsworth headed into the broadcasting world after his NFL career was cut short due to recurring injuries.

He has enjoyed more than 30 years as a top-level announcer, appearing on SNF since 2009.

Collinsworth is now paired alongside announcer Tirico after Al Michaels left for Amazon Prime in 2022.