‘Now I Can Have Full Moments with You My Darling’ Jason Kelce tells Wife Kylie as they go on FIRST Vacation Shortly after His Retirement

There was talk he would leave the game behind prior to the Eagles’ Super Bowl defeat, but the pain has encouraged him to carry on for another year.

The topic of retirement is never easy to navigate for athletes, yet as part of the Amazon Prime documentary following Jason Kelce and his wife, Kylie, there is a rather emotional scene in the film which shows a frank discussion between the husband and wife about Jason’s retirement.

Whilst the razzmatazz in the Kelce family has long come from Jason’s brother, Travis, there is an emotional grounding to the documentary which captures viewers.

One of the key reasons behind that is both Jason and Kylie attempting to be as candid as possible when the cameras were rolling.

It was easy to just kind of be ourselves and be as authentic as possible,” Jason Kelce admitted on The Kylie Kelce podcast.

“I think it really made doing all the shots and being as open as possible, it made it a lot easier working with their whole crew and staff.”

When asked by Sports Illustrated about retirement, Jason Kelce explained how the documentary portrayed the issue.

“It’s very emotional for me. My family’s in it, my wife’s a big part of it, my brother’s a big part of it, my teammates, our coaches, the city’s a big part of it, so it strikes a chord with me very heavy,” Jason added.