NFL’s ‘obsession’ with Taylor Swift in games is ‘getting annoying’, claims former Giants star Tiki Barber as he asks ‘why do we need to see her?’ when Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs score

Former NFL running back Tiki Barber has claimed the league’s ‘obsession’ with Taylor Swift around Kansas City Chiefs games is ‘getting annoying.’

Swift has attended around a dozen of boyfriend Travis Kelce’s Chiefs games since the end of September, including Sunday’s huge playoff win over the Buffalo Bills.

The pop sensation’s mainstream popularity makes it hard for the cameras to stay off of her during games, even when the action on the field doesn’t involve Kelce.

Cameras cutting to the hospitality suites to capture Swift’s reactions is starting to annoy some viewers, like former Giants star Barber, who wants the focus to be solely on the field.

Again? It’s not even Travis Kelce. Maybe it’s the Taylor Swift influence that has made me — I don’t want to say turn sour — but just be slightly annoyed with the Kansas City Chiefs.’

‘It’s also because they’re always here,’ Barber continued.

‘After you’ve been somewhere for so long and have had the success they’ve had, it becomes inevitable.

‘Why are you guys continuing to show Taylor Swift? The obsession is getting annoying. Why do we need to see her?’

Those wishing for Swift’s airtime to come to an end will be rooting for the Ravens in Sunday’s AFC Championship game against the Chiefs.

Should Kelce eliminate Lamar Jackson’s team, the Super Bowl coverage will feature a heavy dose of Swift, even if she will not play a down.

Her presence at Sunday’s game in Buffalo was evident, although she was overshadowed by Jason Kelce.

The Philadelphia Eagles was at the game with his team already being eliminated and he was seen drinking beers with fans at the Bills tailgate, and jumped out of a luxury box shirtless to drink a beer.