NFL fans loved Kelce’s response, praising the 34-year-old for his ‘classy’ response on

Kelce, who was among the scrum of players in the end zone, appeared to be shoved in the back by Packers’ Jonathan Owens – the husband of Simone Biles – but none of the officials felt it warranted a flag and Green Bay clinched the victory.

But following the game, the tight end refused to be drawn in to blaming the officials when asked by reporters in the locker room what he thought of officials not making a pass interference call on the play.

‘I ain’t gonna blame this on anybody but ourselves,’ the two-time Super Bowl winner said, taking the high road.

NFL fans loved Kelce’s response, praising the 34-year-old for his ‘classy’ response on social media.

‘I’m p****d at the terrible officiating but blaming the refs is what losers do,’ one X, formerly known as Twitter, user said.

Another added: ‘He seems so sad but he is so dang classy and respectful here it physically pains me to watch this #Chiefs #TravisKelce.’

‘Wish his fans were as smart as him. Lil bit of respect for him here,’ another posted.

Others hailed Kelce’s mindset following the defeat, claiming he was setting a good example for his younger teammates.

‘This is the correct mindset. Thank you Kelce,’ one fan said, while another echoed the sentiment, adding, ‘It’s the correct mindset to have it. They just got to get better which I know they can do and be. Chiefs needs a hell of a wake up call.’

However, others, while welcoming Kelce’s professionalism, still believed the officiating deserved to be criticized.

‘I appreciate his professionalism.. its a great example for all the young players on the team…but that missed PI call at the end of the game was pretty BAD,’ one wrote.