NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Defends Penalty That Upset Patrick Mahomes: ‘Absolutely the Right Call’

A Kansas City Chiefs’ touchdown was called off late in the game on Sunday, leading to a 20-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is weighing in on the controversial call that contributed to Sunday’s Buffalo Bills victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Much to the dismay of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, referees waived off a Chiefs touchdown after determining Kadarius Toney was offsides, and the Chiefs fell to the Bills 20-17, their second loss in two weeks.

Commissioner Goodell said Wednesday that he agreed with the call in Sunday’s game and said he’s “incredibly proud” of the league’s officiating this season.

That’s their job: to call when there’s a foul. There was no question about that foul. It was absolutely the right call,” Goodell said, according to Yahoo Sports.

He continued, “If you don’t call that, obviously we would have been subject, our officials would have been subject to criticism also.”