Meet the OTHER Kelce couple: Inside the humble life of Eagles star Jason, his fame-shy wife Kylie and their three adorable kids – after they met on a disastrous TINDER date in 2015

When Kylie McDevitt swiped on a Tinder profile in her college days, she thought she was getting cat fished. After looking up the person in the pictures, she realized that profile claimed to belong to a football player for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kylie accepted an invitation from the Tinder match to meet up at a bar, and that’s when she was first introduced to Jason Kelce.

Well, his profile at the time was something to the effect of; I want to have deep meaningful conversations and talk about getting married and having kids or something like that,’ she said on the New Heights podcast. ‘He fell asleep 45 minutes after I got there on the bar table because he was too drunk.’

Cut to years later and Kylie and Jason have a happy family of three children – with their lives constantly on display these days through documentaries and the media’s fascination with the relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

Kylie and the rest of her half of the Kelce family couldn’t have expected their shot to stardom but since Travis’ relationship with Swift took the world by storm, they’ve been in the media spotlight.

‘It’s not particularly my cup of tea to be in the spotlight or in front of a camera,’ Kylie said earlier this month in Kansas City

‘I was a communication major in college. I love to be behind it, that’s my bread and butter,’ she said of the cameras.

Of course, while her husband is a superstar in the NFL he plays a position (offensive line) that isn’t exactly one of flash and fame.

After the poor first date, Jason called her the next day and asked if he could get a second chance. Kylie agreed, saying that he ‘did much better’ the second time around.

The couple made their relationship ‘Instagram official’ in November of 2015 – with Kylie captioning, ‘Thank goodness you swiped right too’.