Many Fans AMAZED at what Taylor Swift did to a little girl that made her shed ‘TEARS’ of Joy

Ella Piazza, 8, shared Taylor Swift’s reaction after Travis Kelce’s brother Jason Kelce lifted the little girl up to see Taylor at the Jan. 21 NFL game.

One lucky girl had the best day with Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce.

Ella Piazza, 8, made headlines over the weekend when she shared a special moment with the “Enchanted” singer—all thanks to Travis Kelce’s brother Jason. The Philadelphia Eagles center was cheering on Travis at the Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills game on Jan.

21 when he went out into the stands and helped make Ella’s dream of meeting Taylor come true. As seen in videos on social media, Jason—who is dad to three girls of his own—lifted Ella up to wave to the Grammy winner and show her a handmade poster.

“I’ve been a fan since I was about 5,” Ella told News 10. “I like her personality and how she sings. And when I heard that she was going to the Bills game I thought, ‘Yeah! Buffalo Bills plus Taylor Swift equals best first game ever!’”

Ella and her mom Jessica told News 10 they were hoping to catch a glimpse of “Love Story” artist, with Ella even rocking a “In my playoff era” sweater, friendship bracelets and a “best first game ever” sign.

The mother-daughter duo were able to switch seats with friends at halftime, putting them directly in front of the luxury suite to see Taylor, a shirtless Jason, his wife Kylie Kelce and his parents, Donna and Ed Kelce.

“Jason drank his beer and then he opened up the window,” Ella recalled. “He climbed out of the suite and gave the girl next to us a photo and then he said, ‘Let’s show Taylor this sign.’”

But it was Taylor’s reaction that got Ella’s heartbeat skipping down 16th Avenue.

“Taylor smiled,” Ella shared, showing how the singer excitedly waved at her. “She was so happy and she did like this with her hand.”