LSU’s Angel Reese Returns to the Court After Two-Week Absence: ‘I’m Not Just an Athlete, I’m a Human’

The LSU star did not reveal the exact reason for her absence, but noted how important it is to take “time for yourself”.

Angel Reese rejoined the LSU Tigers on Thursday following a four-game absence.

Reese, 21, jokingly asked the reporters “how happy” they were to see her on Thursday as she sat down for postgame questions.

Per the Associated Press, Reese told reporters her time away from the team “felt great,” although it was a “long week and a half” for her.

“Taking time for yourself is really important,” she said. “I feel like that’s something that was important, resetting and focusing within the team.”

When asked about the reason for her absence, the LSU star was unspecific, but explained, “My mental health is the most important before anything, and I’m gonna make sure I’m okay before anything, because I don’t wanna cause any harm or cancer in the locker room.”

Reese added that she wants “people to realize I’m not just an athlete – I’m a human too.”

“I go through things, we all go through things, and just being able to have so many people that were super supportive to me in this past week and a half really showed me a lot.”

Reese continued, “So being able to take a reset to myself, as I said before, I am human, I’m not just an athlete, and that’s okay to do.”