LASTING LOVE: Inside Jason Kelce’s marriage to wife Kylie, whom he met on Tinder and had awful first date where he fell asleep at bar

The Philadelphia Eagles center made a point of going over to Kylie, as well as his dad Ed, after his team’s playoff defeat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Both Jason and Kylie were in tears as they warmly touched hands before he went to the locker room at Raymond James Stadium.

Shortly afterwards, Jason reportedly told his teammates that he was retiring from the NFL after a Hall of Fame career.

In retirement, Jason will have plenty of business opportunities, including coaching, broadcasting and developing his New Heights Podcast with brother Travis.

But he will also make a point of spending more time with Kylie and their three daughters – Bennett, Elliotte and Wyatt.

Kylie and Jason have been married since 2018 and they famously met on Tinder, as explored on the Eagles legend’s Prime Video documentary Kelce.

Kylie admitted that she did not know that the person she matched with on the dating site was an NFL star.

“None of his pictures showed Eagles football,” she said.

The first date did not go according to plan at all.