Jason Kelce Talks Possibility He Plays Final NFL Game Tonight: ‘You Never Know When That’s Going to Be’

Jason Kelce is opening up about the possibility of retirement ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles’ playoff matchup Monday night.

Reporters asked Kelce, 36, over the weekend if he’s given retirement from the NFL more thought as the win-or-you’re-out playoffs begin, and the Eagles center didn’t shut down the idea.

“Whenever you’re older in your career, you never know when that’s gonna be,” Kelce admitted, speaking openly about the potential end of his NFL career in an interview shared by NBC Sports Philadelphia.

Kelce, the older brother of Travis Kelce, has played in the NFL since the Eagles drafted him in 2011. The Eagles center has been selected to the NFL Pro Bowl seven times throughout his career, including this year, and helped lead Philadelphia to its first-ever Super Bowl win in 2018.

Philadelphia (11-6) opens the NFL Playoffs against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-8) on Monday night in a lose-or-go home matchup.

Kelce — and Travis — were both asked about the possibility of retiring from the NFL this week. Travis, 34, told reporters in Kansas City that he still loves playing football and has “no desire to stop anytime soon.”

But the two New Heights With Jason and Travis Kelce podcasters approached their answers differently, with Jason expressing more consideration to the possibility that retirement from football is around the corner after 13 seasons in the league.

“My dad’s told me this from the moment I started playing football: You step off the curb one day and that could be the end of your career,” a pensive Jason told Eagles reporters this weekend. “So you try and approach every game with that mindset. But obviously, the closer and the older you get to that being a realization puts it out in front maybe a little bit more.”