“That’s the greatest sandwich of all time.”

Jason Kelce just revealed his go-to McDonald’s order.

After the Philadelphia Eagles center, 36, visited his local fast food spot and gave an employee a personalized present, he shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) what exactly he orders at the chain.

Kelce replied to sports reporter and former NFL player Ross Tucker who guessed the Eagles player’s order on X: “Guarantee he ordered a Sausage McMuffin with Egg because that’s the greatest sandwich of all time. 🤤.”

Kelce then replied, “You f—— know it. 2 sausage egg and cheese and a large coffee. Every time!”

The NFL star’s revelation follows his gift of a signed #62 jersey to McDonald’s employee Danielle Bonham.

“To Danielle. Go Birds! Thank You!” Kelce wrote on the jersey, per a Fox 29 Pennsylvania X post.

Bonham, who has previously and repeatedly served the Eagles player, shared a photo of their first meeting on Facebook, which garnered thousands of likes. Since then, she has shared several selfies from various encounters with Kelce, who has been a favorite player of hers “for many years now.”

On Wednesday morning, the picture circulated of her holding up the signed jersey and smiling while Kelce was peeking through the drive-thru window. Per Fox 29 Pennsylvania, the NFL star frequents Bonham’s McDonald’s location regularly.

In one post from around Christmas, she shared a photo with Kelce and wrote that the two talked about the holiday and their gratitude for one another.