Jason kelce Apologizes to wife “I know how you felt seeing me that way, but i was just celebrating my brothers win”

Jason Kelce — who NFL fans know best as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles and Swifties know best as the brother of Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce — is finished with his NFL season.

That sadly means there won’t be another Kelce vs. Kelce Super Bowl showdown like there was in 2023 when the Eagles played the Kansas City Chiefs. However, the end of Eagles season meant we got to see Jason and his wife Kylie Kelce cheer on his little brother as the Chiefs played the Buffalo Bills in upstate New York. Swift was there too, marking the first time that we got to see Swift meet Jason and Kylie.

It was surely a memorable meeting as Jason really let loose during the game. At one point, Kylie seemed to want Jason to rein it in, telling someone to tell her shirtless husband to get back inside. Yes, shirtless, and yes, back inside — he jumped out of the luxury box wearing nothing above the waist but a beanie a couple of times in 20-degree weather.