Jason Kelce, 36, faces uncertain future after Eagles offense fell flat in playoff loss to Bucs: Super Bowl champion is signed through next year after making $81million over 13 NFL seasons

Has Jason Kelce played in his final NFL game?

With the Philadelphia Eagles’ season coming to an end with Monday’s playoff loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team’s long-time center now enters the offseason facing an uncertain future.

But if it was Kelce’s last game, it’s probably one he’d like to forget. Not only did the Eagles surrender four sacks on Monday, but Philadelphia managed just 42 rushing yards on 15 carries for a dismal 2.8-yard average.

He still ranks among the best at the position, but at 36, with the Eagles losing six of their final seven, the All-Pro’s motivation to return could be hindered.

In fact, entering the game, there had been some talk that it could be Kelce’s last performance in an Eagles uniform.

The 36-year-old father of three has played 13 NFL seasons while missing only a handful of games over that time. And recently, he admitted to reporters in Philadelphia that retirement is approaching, whether he likes it or not.

‘I try to remind guys that I’ve done this, and my dad’s told me this from the moment I started playing football: You step off the curb one day and that could be the end of your career,’ he said.

‘So you try and approach every game with that mindset. But obviously, the closer and the older you get to that being a realization puts it out in front maybe a little bit more.

‘But obviously that’s not the main thing. The main thing is, you know, going out there and battling with each of the guys in this locker room.

‘No matter how many more years I play or any of us play, this team right now only has one game left and that’s what we’re really focused on.’