Good that Mahomes, having cooled off, came back on Monday during a radio interview and expressed regret

Mahomes, the brilliant face of the franchise and the entire NFL, provided not-so-great optics with his hold-me-back tirade at the end of the setback against the Buffalo Bills. But I’m guessing the blow-up wasn’t merely about one call that didn’t go their way.

Maybe it was the frustration that has been mounting all season, where the Chiefs – and especially the receivers who have perfected the art of the dropped pass – have shot themselves in the foot with one mistake after another.

Rather than go off on Toney – who again, skipped out the proverbial back door after the game at Arrowhead Stadium and left it to others to address the media – Mahomes and Reid diverted the frustration to put it all on the officials.

Imagine this: If a Bills edge rusher, maybe Von Miller, had lined up offsides and registered a game-ending sack and Cheffers and his crew ignored the violation, what would that uproar have looked like? The Bills Mafia would have been beside itself.

Shoot, there may have been a proposed rule change to incorporate instant replay in such cases because one of the game’s marquee players didn’t have a shot at slinging a winning pass.