Fans Stand by Taylor Swift’s ‘Unamused’ Reaction to Travis Kelce Romance Dig at Golden Globes

Taylor Swift is about to have some bad blood with 2024 Golden Globes host Jo Koy.

The 52-year-old comedian attempted to make the audience laugh during the ceremony on Sunday, Jan. 7, by making a quip about the media coverage surrounding Swift when she attends NFL games—and it’s safe to say Swifties weren’t enchanted to hear it.

Koy set up the ill-received joke early on in the show, stating “The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL?” We have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift.”

The camera immediately panned to the “Anti-Hero” songstress, who looked unimpressed by the dig, which has been a common complaint since she started showing up to boyfriend Travis Kelce’s football games.

Swift, 34, didn’t even crack a smile when Koy delivered the joke, instead giving a deadpan look as she picked up her drink to take a sip.

Fans quickly took to the internet to react to the awkward moment, with Swifties calling out Koy for the poorly-landed joke.

“Taylor Swift was NOT happy w this joke,” one user on X pointed out. “Leave her alone plz.”

Another user called Koy’s quip a “failed” attempt at a joke, while someone else added, “if THE taylor swift ever reacted like this to one of my jokes i would throw my self off a very tall something.”

Even Swift’s date for the evening, Keleigh Teller, looked to be annoyed with Koy’s comment, as a zoomed-in video of the moment showed her appearing to say, “too much,” after the joke failed to land.

“glad i’m not the only one who was cringing during the ‘jokes,'” one user replied.

“This host is horrible and that joke was 100% uncalled for,” another person added.